LIBERTY GARDENS garden services

The Liberty Gardens Team is  able to provide design, installation and maintenance for all types of herbaceous gardens.

Professional Design

Vicki is also an accomplished horticulturist and garden designer.

Ron Nowicki is a full-service landscape architect and permaculture designer.

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Professional installation

A team of conscientious professionals will install your home garden.

We will spread the best quality soil and thermal compost as a foundation for the health and longevity of the garden.

We will search out and deliver the healthiest plants that match your preferences and then according to your particular site, we will plant the starting point of the design we have created together.  Your garden is a process of growth and development, and it will continue to change and grow. We would be delighted to be a part of your response to that growth, if you so choose.

Popular Garden Types

vegetable gardens

perennial gardens for sustainable landscapes

pollinator gardens

native plant gardens

shade gardens

showy ornamental perennial gardens

seed gardens *NEW

For more information and to make an appointment, call: 630.852.5263