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Welcome to the LIBERTY GARDENS website!


This is where I will try to help you learn the rhythm of the vegetable gardening season and how it connects with the cycles of the Earth. 

For BEGINNERS, it may seem overwhelming.  If taken one day or one week at a time, however, it can start to come together, even to make sense.

For EXPERIENCED gardeners, your confidence and knowledge makes you someone who can lead in your community, helping other gardeners gain understandings.

Let’s ALL  of us gardeners continue to stay focused on the qualities of self, family, and community that growing, cooking and eating high quality food bring into our lives. Watch how this kind of “good-food-focus” changes and inspires the lives of those who will come in contact with our homes.

-Vicki Nowicki, founder

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The new Seed-Lending Library opened on April 12, 2014.  It is located in

Downers Grove, Illinois at the Downers Grove Historical Museum on Maple Avenue right in the historic district in the center of town.  As it happens, it is surrounded by 4 acres of land with opportunities to plant gardens of vegetables, flowers and herbs to demonstrate what might have grown in Downers Grove in the 1800s.  We kicked it off

with a rousing 100 members who completed the first level of training for saving seeds.

The SECOND level of training for BIENNIAL SEEDS is this SATURDAY, JUNE 7!

Click on Seed Library for all the Details.